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Recent Publications
10.17.2016 Supreme Court Allows Early Challenges to Wetlands Jurisdictional Determinations, H. Glenn T. Dunn
10.14.2016 The States Also Rise: Recent Settlements Illustrate Potential Pitfalls Regarding Children’s Privacy Laws, Saad Gul
10.11.2016 CFPB Declared Unconstitutional, Martha J. Svoboda
10.10.2016 Are You Liable for Your Temp’s Safety?, Thomas H. Davis
10.05.2016 What Is Blockchain? Why Does It Matter? Observations As North Carolina’s Virtual Currency Legislation Goes Into Effect, Saad Gul
10.04.2016 Corridors October 2016, Wilson Hayman
10.04.2016 Changes to Compensation Rules for Tax-Exempt Hospitals, Kelsey H. Mayo
10.04.2016 Nondiscrimination Final Rule Under the ACA Imposes New Requirements for Hospitals, Iain M. Stauffer
09.28.2016 Failing to Adopt and Follow Employment Related Policies and Properly Train Your Staff, David R. Krosner
09.27.2016 Franchise Opportunities: One Size Does Not Fit All, Kim L. Bayless
09.26.2016 As Goes New York So Goes The Nation? Ten Highlights From New York’s Proposed Cybersecurity Rules For Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions, Saad Gul
09.26.2016 Notable Immigration-Related Hiring Discrimination Claims Settled this Summer with Department of Justice and Heads Up! A New Form I-9 is coming by mid-November, Jennifer G. Parser
09.22.2016 Avoiding Legal Pitfalls and Cultural Considerations When Conducting International Business in Asia, Michael E. Slipsky
09.21.2016 The Future of Trans-Atlantic Data Transfers, Saad Gul
09.21.2016 CMS Lifts Temporary Suspension of Short Stay Reviews, Iain M. Stauffer
09.16.2016 EndNotes September 2016, Iain M. Stauffer
09.14.2016 Your Money or Your Data: Ten Things You Need To Know About Ransomware, Saad Gul
09.12.2016 EEOC Replaces Outdated Guidance on Retaliation, Caitlin M. Goforth
09.12.2016 Nondiscrimination Final Rule under the ACA Imposes New Requirements on Hospice Agencies, Iain M. Stauffer
09.06.2016 The Suspicious Husband, His Wife, and Cloud Computing: The Sixth Circuit Applies the Wiretap Statute To Monitoring Software, Michael E. Slipsky
09.02.2016 We’re Listening: Federal Trade Commission Invites Comments on Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) Safeguards Rule, Saad Gul
09.02.2016 Can I Be Sued for Filing a Time-Barred Claim? Fourth Circuit Weighs In, Richard A. Prosser
09.01.2016 CFPB Proposal to Relax Standards for the Discretionary Disclosure of Confidential Supervisory Information, Martha J. Svoboda
08.31.2016 Governmental Employers Take Note: Court of Appeals allows employee’s claim for violation of N.C. constitution to go forward, Caroline P Mackie
08.31.2016 Ten Common Problems That Plague Privacy Policies, Saad Gul
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